The Practices and Essential Components For Enduring Organizational Success

Following the initial success of Perfect Fitness, Alden Mills and his team lost their way. Laser-focused on growth and profit, the company began to falter. To get back on track and ensure ongoing success, they regrouped and established a prominent culture.

This keynote details how stakeholders in senior leadership and human resources build an Unstoppable Culture to drive lasting employee engagement, competitive advantage, and outsized growth.

Through personal stories, checklists, and live exercises, Alden shows how to close culture gaps by building intentional structure, dynamic practices, and congruent values that leaders and teams apply together—day after day, week after week.

Attendees learn the behaviors and tools that create an Unstoppable Culture by embedding the three Ps—Promise, People, and Process—a practical three-part framework to close the gap between an organization’s existing culture and activating what he calls the 10x Advantage to create an Unstoppable Culture.

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How clear and congruent is your culture on its mission, vision and values?

A high performance culture is dependent on senior leadership and human resources’ being educated how and empowered to become cultural custodians of their organization. This keynote provides the practices and essential components to teach them how.

  • Understand the Three Pillars of Culture
  • Utilize the Culture Compass
  • Execute the Universal Culture Habits
  • Learn the Essential Actions for Closing the Culture Gap

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