The Mentality and Tools for Achieving Your Full Potential

With over 40 years of experience overcoming challenges in business and life, Alden Mills brings a unique perspective on what it means to be unstoppable at accomplishing more than was thought possible. We all have natural obstacles in our path. When we learn to conquer those obstacles, we realize that our biggest obstacle is our mindset. The challenge is understanding how to harness the very things we can control to help us find the success we seek.

This keynote dives into the key differentiator of success stopping us from reaching and surpassing potential — an Unstoppable Mindset.

Alden weaves together riveting stories, inspiration, and practical tools to teach the Mindset Fundamentals to become unstoppable, regardless of industry, environment, or situation.

Much more than just a motivational experience, he shares a system that enables people to tackle tough challenges, use change to their advantage, and seize bold opportunities time and time again.

Speaking alden mills Speaking alden mills

Why do some people amaze even themselves with what they accomplish while others never reach their potential?

The mindset is an amalgam of attitudes and beliefs, which form the basis of behaviors that end up driving actions to give you results. If you think about everything that you do in life, it really boils down to two things: decisions and the actions stemming from those decisions. The tools provided in this keynote will help you master your decisions and actions:

  • Learn the Mindset Horizon
  • Build your Mindset Map
  • Understand the Mindset Components
  • Utilize the Unstoppable Goals system

I’ve been in Sales, Marketing, and Learning & Development for my entire career–and I have had the opportunity to hear many unique speakers including NASCAR Champion Jeff Gordon, Olympian Michael Phelps, and former Military Officer Michael Durant. Alden Mills far surpasses all other speakers that I have been fortunate enough to hear.

He is a master storyteller. Alden creates fun, animated characters from his past that truly bring his experiences to life right in front of the audience. It is for this reason that his message resonates so deeply with people. Leadership…Resilience…Persistence. I guarantee every person in the room will walk away with new excitement, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude!

US Learning & Development Lead, Sales & Marketing, Takeda Pharmaceutical