The Actions and Strategies for Building and Leading High-Performing Teams

As Alden Mills advanced from personal success to leading teams in sports, military, business, and nonprofits, he learned group success is determined by a leader’s ability to build and lead teams.

Whether a team is formed remotely or in-person, by mandate or inheritance, formally or organically, team leaders exist to bridge the gap between the outcomes sought and the team that can achieve them.

This keynote explores the universal leadership essentials to build high-performing Unstoppable Teams that continuously surpass what they set out to achieve. Alden demonstrates how leaders can drive greater alignment, trust, and outsized contributions.

He shares the five phases of unstoppable team development and the key actions to implement each phase. Using his C.A.R.E. Loop, he provides a roadmap to activate and effectively turn groups of individuals into Unstoppable Teams.

Managers alden mills Managers alden mills

Are you doing enough to engage your people and create an unstoppable team?

In today’s hard-charging world, success is determined by your ability to build and lead teams. The C.A.R.E Loop strategies provided in this keynote teach managers and leaders how to build and lead an unstoppable team of individuals:

  • Connect: The four essential actions for building trust remotely and in-person
  • Achieve: The foundations of setting direction, using SITREP (Situation Reports) and AAR (After Action Reports)
  • Respect: The techniques for how to create mutual respect and build team contributors
  • Empower: The fundamentals of developing team ownership, the trinity of education, and overcoming empowering pitfalls
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Your presentation, filled with meaningful personal stories, not only grabbed the attention of our group—who for 90 minutes did not take their eyes off you—it allowed us to achieve 100% buy-in after you left. The group understood the necessity of becoming more effective team leaders towards our common goal. Your CARE loop resonated with everyone.

Connect, Achieve, Respect and Empower have always been present in what Chris Kane, our CEO, and I have taught our teams. But you explained and distilled those concepts better than we have been able to do so over the past three years. I have no doubt that the 90 minutes you spent will resonate with all of us for a lifetime, not only in our business but our personal lives as well.

Medical Director, West Dermatology