In a previous post, I talked about 3-dimensional planning and creating a mindset for success. Mindset work is extremely important for gaining deeper perspectives on your life, your work and your why—by drawing on lessons learned from both your failures and successes.

In this post, I would like to focus on how to make an impact in this new world of rapid change and uncertainty. To make an impact, I’d like you to think about three components that my mentor, JD Messinger, calls the Trinity—Passion, Purpose and Power.

When you make an impact, you are not thinking about yourself; but rather, you are thinking about others. Passionate people have the power to unlock passion in others, and you’ll recognize your passion in the following instances:

  • You are serving others
  • Your are using your gifts
  • Your actions make your heart sing

Passion: Suffer for What You Love

Suffering may be a “glass half-empty” perspective, but the impact we make in the world and in our own lives is determined by the choices and sacrifices we are willing to make to achieve our goals. The trick is to link passion and purpose to your goal—it doesn’t matter which comes first, but you need both to keep you inspired.

Passion is your “glass half-full” source of inspiration and reason to care, which is a key component to living your life to the fullest degree. I’m passionate about working with people to help them achieve their dreams, decipher what they truly care about, and learn how to apply it to every facet of their lives—from leading people to selling products to building businesses and raising families.

Purpose: Understand Your Why and You’ll Figure Out Your Way

Understanding your purpose is the single most important thing you can do. Understanding the ‘why’ in anything you do will give you the purpose to accomplish anything you want and keep you going when everyone else gives up. Once you understand the ‘why,’ then you can work on figuring out the ‘way’ to get something done.

Passion can lead you to a goal worth going after, but purpose keeps you going. Whether your goal is to become a SEAL, start a business, or lose thirty pounds (all past goals of mine), you must define your purpose, get passionate about it, and go after it.

Power: Believe in Yourself to Become Unstoppable

Before you can achieve, you must first belief. The power of your beliefs is like a river that will conquer any obstacle in its path. It can flow over some obstacles and go around others by gradually carving its own path. The river follows its own course, and even the hardest stone can’t stop it. The relentless flow of the river makes the stone smooth.

The power of a river isn’t created in an instant; it builds as it continues to flow. This makes a river unstoppable, and your ability to believe in yourself must do the same thing over time. It must keep flowing—and you must always believe in yourself. Like the river, as you continue to believe in yourself, you will be able to conquer all obstacles in your path.

Want to pursue your passion, plan your purpose, and power your impact? Stay tuned for another resource to lead you through uncertainty and improve your outcomes with an Unstoppable Mindset.