Alden brings together a talented blend of compelling storytelling, motivational anecdotes, humor, and your teams’ real-world examples to build a powerful presentation. Across the entire team, the feedback was very positive. Alden delivered a transformative presentation where every participant left with common terms and a framework we will use to tackle any complex project as we continue to grow as a team.

Senior Director, Field & Partner Enablement, Docusign

How to Create a CARE-ing Team Environment

Alden's C.A.R.E. Loop framework dives into the four essential actions for building trust, setting direction, creating contributors, and developing owners—Connect, Achieve, Respect, and Empower. This interactive breakout session gives audiences the chance to gain experience in small team development on-the-spot, allowing them to learn in the best way possible—through hands-on practice. With this approach, leaders will have a comprehensive and impactful understanding of how to create an environment that fosters accountability, collaboration, and high performance within their teams.

How to Unleash the Collective Power of Remote Teams

In a world increasingly defined by remote work, leaders must be proactive in finding ways to keep their employees productive and motivated. Drawing on the top strategies Alden used while leading Navy SEAL platoons on submarines during long deployments, this session outlines six crucial steps for leading virtual/distributed work groups using the R.E.M.O.T.E. framework. With simple yet effective tools and compelling stories to guide remote teams through turbulence, leaders can ensure their organizations don't lose momentum despite challenging circumstances.

How to Build and Maintain Trust and Engagement

Trust is the foundation of successful teams and effective leadership, and mastering how to build and maintain trust is one of the most important skills every leader must learn. However, many leaders resort to costly trial-and-error methods that often lead to hurtful experiences. To address this, Alden has developed the T.R.U.S.T. acronym which highlights the top five tools that leaders can use to build and maintain trust in any industry, organization, or personality type. Through his engaging stories, checklists, and hands-on exercises, Alden helps audiences master these tools and take their interpersonal relationships to the next level.

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Improving Team Connection, Belonging, and Results

Teams are more than a mere collection of individuals; rather, they are composed of interconnected relationships with a shared goal. To create such successful and cohesive teams, Alden Mills teaches the importance of building a strong foundation for yourself as well as extending your reach to help others go further than their individual abilities. Through proven strategies, individuals can achieve breakthrough performance and acquire the emotional intelligence and mindset needed to bring team members together for success that does not depend solely on individual talent.

Embracing Change, Overcoming Obstacles, and Improving Resilience

To thrive in this ever-changing landscape of growth, disruption, and consolidation, businesses must prioritize working through conflicts. This requires stakeholders to address uncomfortable conversations and move away from emotional responses toward more rational, informed decisions. With a shared vision for success and a commitment to resolving disagreements, members can create an unstoppable team that’s equipped with the skillset required to navigate the unique challenges the organization may face. Learn how to use Alden’s C.L.E.A.R. framework to remove emotional roadblocks to drive to better team dynamics and decision making through enhanced communication.

Promoting a Culture of Innovation, Continuous Learning, and Adaptation

With the ever-changing demands of the modern business world, a workforce must be agile and adaptive to stay ahead. Relying on outdated strategies that served them well in the past is simply not enough to ensure future success five years from now. Team members must be able to anticipate shifts in the market and respond accordingly. This high-energy and interactive session will address their current needs while also equipping them with the skills and confidence required to navigate any obstacle they may encounter and remain competitive in their respective markets. Discover the 3 “I’s” of an idea and learn how to use them to harness your team’s innovative horsepower to develop a system of Unstoppable Innovation.

Being Unstoppable is a Choice

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