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High-performance leadership development is essential for any organization, regardless of size. A successful and dynamic corporate executive leadership team must create the necessary tools to foster a corporate environment that embraces change, encourages innovation, and ensures that objectives are met. This requires developing healthy habits that optimize communication, sharpen goal setting, boost leadership development, nurture team building, and support organizational culture to cultivate ongoing success.

Your leadership team needs encouragement and inspiration to keep pushing hard and meeting their goals. Alden Mills is an accomplished business leadership keynote speaker who can bring a fresh perspective, real-world examples, and potential solutions to tough business challenges.

At your event, bestselling author and top-rated motivational keynote speaker on leadership Alden Mills will bring more than the uplifting “rah-rah” motivational rhetoric of a typical leadership speakers keynote event and share personal anecdotes, practical advice, actionable takeaways, tried-and-true frameworks, and inspiring narratives to help leadership teams and managers accomplish more than they originally thought was possible.

With over 40 years of success in different environments—sports, military, business, nonprofits, and community action groups — Alden knows the rules for success are universal: it starts with how you lead yourself and ends with how you serve others.

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Listening is the key to crafting custom-tailored keynotes that resonate with impact.

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Popular Topics for Leadership Keynotes and Workshops

It is imperative to prioritize the continuous development of one's leadership skills. The focus should be placed on managing change in the workplace, honing existing skills and agility, as well as developing new strategies for leading people effectively with genuine recognition methods for building engagement. Successful leaders must stay open-minded about these ever evolving challenges, and embrace an attitude and aptitude for hard work.

Recent keynotes by Alden Mills have addressed the following topics:

  • Building Unstoppable Leaders: The Art and Science of Leadership
  • Leading with Extreme Ownership in Turbulent Times
  • Lasting Impact: The Power of Intentional Leadership
  • Crafting a Culture of Teamwork, Passion, and Service
  • Change or Be Changed: Adapting to the New Normal
  • Healthy Habits: Building Resilience in Uncertain Times
  • Unstoppable Leadership: The Essential Actions of High Performance

Popular topics for leadership keynotes include developing effective communication skills, setting an inspiring vision, cultivating servant-leadership, improving change-management, building cohesive teams, managing conflicts with diplomacy and sensitivity, applying emotional intelligence in the workplace, and motivating the best leadership team members to strive for excellence. By mastering these key qualities, leaders can create a positive work culture that fosters collaboration, boosts productivity, and ensures everyone within an organization feels supported and appreciated.

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The Three Levels of Leadership

Leadership success is not determined solely by individual efforts; rather, it is achieved through the collective effort of a strong team and supportive organizational culture. Unstoppable Leadership is an approach that encompasses three essential components: developing an unstoppable mindset, building unstoppable teams, and fostering an unstoppable culture.

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How to Motivate Others to Take Action and Achieve Your Vision

Creating a vision or ambitious goals is a promising initiative, but it will remain unrealized unless others are inspired to act toward attaining it. Inspiring people is an essential leadership skill that is both fulfilling and effective, once you understand the mechanisms required to rally people into action. In this interactive and dynamic session, individuals learn the fundamentals of delivering engaging messages that command attention and prompt action. By familiarizing themselves with the seven pillars of the I.N.S.P.I.R.E. framework, attendees will unlock their leadership potential and discover how to inspire and guide future generations of managers and employees.

How to Listen to Understand and Enhance Your Leadership Abilities

Effective listening is a crucial leadership skill that can aid in building trust, setting direction, encouraging contribution, and fostering ownership. Despite its importance, listening is often undervalued and rarely taught. Listening to understand, a form of active listening, requires effort; and when executed adeptly, can mitigate conflict, identify solutions, and establish trust. Unfortunately, many individuals develop poor listening habits over time, such as listening to win or listening to fix, and are unable to grasp how to listen to understand. Drawing upon his 30 years of hands-on leadership experience, Alden formulated the L.I.S.T.E.N. acronym, which explains the six fundamental actions of high-performance listening using interactive role-playing exercises.

ENTACT was thrilled to welcome Alden Mills to our operations meeting. Alden’s C.A.R.E. based leadership principles resonated strongly with the ENTACT team. Importantly, Alden invested the time and attention to understand our business and people in order to tailor his presentation specifically to our group. His energy and authenticity generated an immediate connection and facilitated the transmission of his meaningful and relevant message.

Chief Commercial Officer, ENTACT

How to Lead Virtually and Overcome Remote Leadership Challenges

With more teams now operating remotely than ever before, leaders must be proactive in ensuring that their organizations don't lose momentum. Drawing on the techniques developed by Alden while he led Navy SEAL platoons across the world while on duty aboard a ballistic nuclear submarine for long periods, this session outlines six critical steps for leading virtual/distributed teams. By using his acronym R.E.M.O.T.E., Alden shares simple yet effective tools and thought-provoking stories to help guide remote teams through turbulent times ahead.

Being Unstoppable is a Choice

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