Care Based Leading is my methodology on how the best leaders build and unlock the full potential of their teams in business and in life. When you apply a “care-based” filter to analyzing the top-performers in any category, you will find that their level of care is what powers them to the top of their respective fields.

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. – Theodore Roosevelt

I am writing a series of “Care-based” books to bring this methodology of understanding to people so they can decipher what they truly care about and learn how to apply it to every facet of their lives, from leading people to selling products to building businesses and raising families.

What separates the best from the rest is their level of care. – Alden Mills

Using over 25 years of experience as a Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, and CEO, I make the case for a C.A.R.E.-based approach centered on four key actions: building Connections of trust, defining clear goals for Achievement, fostering environments of ego-checked contribution through mutual Respect, and Empowering team members to explore, try, fail, and succeed on their own.

Build Unstoppable Teams: The 4 Essential Actions of High Performance Leaders

Individual chapters of my book focus on identifying your inherent leadership strengths and weaknesses, selecting and evaluating ideal teammates, and transferring your team’s C.A.R.E.-based dynamic to their interactions with clients and customers. The book also spotlights companies and leaders who exemplify C.A.R.E.-based team building.

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Care Based Leading Tougher than Navy SEAL Training

It’s no coincidence that Navy SEAL training AND new businesses have an 80% failure rate – they are both hard work – but it’s tougher starting a business as a civilian than it is going through SEAL training. SEAL training is hard – really hard – but they do a couple of things that actually make it easier than starting a business. There’s nothing more challenging than starting a business and what makes it challenging are the miserables who are trying to convince you NOT to start a business.

Mills, Alden M.. Be Unstoppable: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything (Second Edition). Tilbury House Publishers.

Why Care Based Leadership is Critical to Civilian Team Success

There are two kinds of mindsets out there – those who are miserable and are looking for more people to join their tribe – and those who are trying to do something incredible. In SEAL Team, the miserables (quitters) are separated immediately from those “incredibles” trying to make it through; but in the civilian world, you don’t get that luxury – you have to deal with the miserables every day. Care based leading is a key component to countering the miserables and unlocking the full potential of your teams in business and in life.

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