“Care is the soil from which teams grow; a leader’s focus provides the fertilizer.

Unpack that statement, and you’ll understand what it takes to grow a group of individuals into an Unstoppable Team. I get it, people aren’t plants—although sometimes you might find yourself wondering what to do with that ‘bad apple’ before it spoils the whole ‘bunch.’ But, as you can probably already tell, I like using analogies and I love telling stories to get my points across. They are relatable and memorable, and after all, if you want to learn something, you first need to be able to remember it before you can practice it. So if you’re at all interested in how to accomplish more by building teams that will break down walls to achieve the goal, then read on, because I’m going to share the four essential actions required to transform a gaggle of individuals into an unstoppable team. These lessons learned come my 25 years of leading Navy SEALs, start-ups (one was the fastest growing consumer products company in the US), nonprofits, and community action groups. Spoiler Alert! The four actions are the same no matter what field, industry, environment, or sector in which you wish to build a team. If your team involves humans, then your focus is on building relationships where trust, direction, contribution, and ownership are the goals. It’s easier said than done, but in the paragraphs that follow, I’ll share my framework for how I’ve successfully built teams that are ten times more powerful than a disconnected group of individuals halfheartedly attempting to muddle through the day.”


Source: Changethis.com