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It is very rare for someone to be born a full-fledged Abraham Lincoln or Nelson Mandela. But you don’t have to be a natural-born politician or even in a major position of power to want to learn how to lead better. Whether you are in charge of a small startup, the captain of your soccer team or the manager at a local bar, your leadership journey is always a work in progress.

Ideally, you’ve had great teachers, coaches and other leaders whose examples you could follow. If not, you’re still in luck because leadership mentors can also be found in the pages of books. The eight books listed here can help you become the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

 Unstoppable Teams: The Four Essential Actions of High-Performance Leadership by Alden Mills 

Unstoppable Teams Cover

The U.S. Navy SEALs might as well be a factory for exceptional leaders, so it’s no surprise that a book authored by former SEAL platoon commander Alden Mills tops my list. I can’t say I’ve ever hunted a Bosnian war criminal, but as the leader of a fast-growing startup, I soon learned the wisdom of Mills’s core leadership principle: “You must care.” When you care about your team members, and they care about the work, your team really will become unstoppable.

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