Before reporting for SEAL training in 1991, I took a cross-country road trip with my dad from Massachusetts to San Diego in my VW. I assumed we would discuss his military days, having served in the Air Force during Vietnam, but he avoided the topic the entire journey. On the last day, during the drive to San Diego airport, he finally broke his silence to offer a piece of advice he had been thinking about for months. He could not relate to SEAL training, but he had one insight: “When you get stuck, give… give all you have.” He hugged me tightly, with tears in his eyes, and repeated it once more before leaving.

My dad’s advice didn’t fully resonate with me until I was at risk of a medical discharge from SEAL training. Midway through the second phase, internal bleeding in my lungs resulted in my being pulled out of a 3-mile ocean swim. After discovering asthma medication in my room—which I had been taking secretly—I was left waiting for my fate. With time to spare, a newly commissioned SEAL friend invited me to volunteer with him at Easter Seals, where we swam with paraplegics. I cherished the experience and promised God that I’d stop taking my medicine if I could pass the necessary lung tests.

When I promised to cease taking medications and put my faith into practice, I didn’t realize it would lead to a medical miracle—passing my lung tests. As I gained life experience, I found a strong connection between volunteer work, altruism, and success. This principle has been acknowledged for millennia, known as Karma to spiritual enthusiasts and Quantum Mechanics in Western philosophy. Regardless of its name, the principle remains the same: when we give, we receive.

View Your Limitations as Opportunities

The core principles of Quantum Physics hold the premise that reality is one inseparable whole. Contrary to Newton’s deterministic worldview, Quantum reality is always in a state of potential, stirring and unfolding. The principles of Quantum Physics have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the world, without relying on new age or spiritual beliefs, but rather through rigorous scientific research.

The Newtonian worldview compartmentalizes and separates the world into disconnected parts. Quantum theory refutes this and confirms the “mystic” belief that everything in life is inseparable. This myth of separation has caused depression and a sense of alienation in our society. The need for certainty feeds into a fear of making the wrong decision and traps people in anxiety and fear.

On the other hand, uncertainty is all about possibility. Therefore, the fear of uncertainty often constrains people. To embrace uncertainty, we must shift our relationship with our thoughts. We should not reactively engage with old thoughts and limiting beliefs, but instead, approach them contemplatively as they try to maintain their hold on us.

When we become overly attached to being certain about everything, it can cause us to feel anxious, fearful, and stressed. However, if we are willing to embrace confusion, vulnerability, and discomfort, it can lead to personal growth and exciting new experiences. Authentic self-esteem comes from embracing uncertainty and not trying to elicit approval and recognition from other people.

Overall, our thoughts and feelings shape the way we experience reality. Therefore, it’s essential to start recognizing and capturing the themes of our thoughts to understand how we view life and what informs our core beliefs about the world. Writing out our thoughts allows us to reflect on the events of our day and capture our perceptions.

What we do with that understanding is ultimately up to us. We can choose to hold onto limiting beliefs and remain in a state of comfort, or we can take the plunge and embrace the unknown. By expanding our awareness beyond what is known and accepted, we have an opportunity to create new possibilities.

When we view limitations as opportunities, life takes on new meaning, and possibilities that were previously thought impossible become available. We can redefine our lives and re-create reality. Life is meaningful, and when we lean into the uncertainty and embrace our inner strength, amazing possibilities will open up.

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