And, around this time of year, it’s a tradition for me to set three series of goals: Professional, Physical, and Personal (this includes Family). In all cases, I involve the people who are going to help me achieve these goals. Every year my wife (and invaluable teammate) gets the first and last pass of my goal setting. The same goes for my teammates. Whether they are serving with me for our country, company, or community, we all go through a goal-setting process.

If you fill out one, three, and five-year goals—the top three for each year, and you create or improve habits that will help you get there, I guarantee you’ll make remarkable strides in your life.

Remember, Goals Give You Direction

They act as a conscious and subconscious filter on your brain. It’s like you’re giving your brain a command: “Figure out the actions to achieve X.” At first not much happens, and this is the time when you need to be most disciplined but over time if you keep reminding yourself of those goals and the reasons they’re important to you (really WHY you care about them in the first place), then your brain naturally starts focusing on finding out a way to fulfill them. And I don’t mean simply writing something down. No, it takes a disciplined effort to get the job done, but the simple act of writing a goal is what gets the ball rolling.

There’s more research than we can possibly ever read about the importance of goals and how those that set goals do get more out of life. The fact is, life is short and as far as we know we have only one shot at it. So why not give it all you’ve got and dream up some epic goals?! I know, it can be a little scary, in the beginning. But if your goals don’t give you butterflies in your gut then they aren’t big enough!

I invite you to challenge yourself, FIRE UP your DREAM engines and write 3 unstoppable goals that by achieving them it’ll make you feel unstoppable at the end of 2020.

You can download the goals worksheet here to help you get started.

THANK YOU for joining me in being unstoppable and hope you have a  FANTASTIC New Year!!!!

Alpha Mike.