A motivational speaker talks about how to motivate teams and individuals, set out a vision and strategy, and inspire groups to work at peak performance towards a common goal. I deliver leadership keynotes on three levels of UNSTOPPABLE Business Leadership: Mindset, Teams, and Culture—keynotes that help people, teams, and organizations achieve more than they thought was possible.


Reaching your full potential begins with leading yourself. The first essential component in building unstoppable teams is building and leading the one inside of you. The closest I ever came to quitting Navy SEAL training had nothing to do with the physical pain—it had to do with the mental anguish of questioning my own ability to lead others. The ability to lead yourself—what I call your platform—is the foundation for leading unstoppable teams and is the focus of Be Unstoppable. Whatever you do, your actions will be mirrored and magnified by those you lead, and learning to lead yourself is the first step in leading future teammates. We are all born to Be Unstoppable, but being unstoppable is a choice. How do you choose to accomplish more than what was thought possible?—Learn more here.

There are only three things you can control: your mental, emotional, and physical capabilities. We can’t control the weather, our competition, the marketplace, or our employees. But, we can best control what we think, how we feel, and how we act and/or react to what comes our way. To lead yourself—to be a great leader, to inspire your team, to feel motivated, and to succeed at improving team performance—focus on what you can control, and decide what you want to react to. What we act on is totally dependent on what we focus on.


Success is dependent upon your ability to lead others. At the heart of every unstoppable team’s success lies the four-part CARE framework—how emotional connections are formed, how goals are established and achieved, why mutual respect can become a renewable resource, and how empowerment keeps the team’s momentum rolling. Unstoppable Teams shows managers of organizations of all sizes, in the private or public sector and in nonprofits, how to use my CARE framework—to connect, achieve, respect, and empower—to inspire, motivate, and lead the people around them, regardless of their level. Every team can have great success, yet most never realize their potential. How do you galvanize people into Unstoppable Teams equipped to solve problems, overcome hurdles, embrace change, and repeatedly surpass their goals?—Learn more here.

Teams are based on relationships, and to build an unstoppable team, you must learn to build relationships with all kinds of people. This is a critical step in your team-building process, because you want all kinds of people on your team—with different backgrounds, experiences, and approaches to life and work—in order to bring different superpowers to the effort. The most powerful teams are based on diversity of thought but not of heart—our hearts should be united by a shared sense of purpose. Teams that are bound and guided by a shared consciousness are characterized by a unity of purpose that overcomes differences, spirit of generosity that seeks to help others succeed, respect for the expertise of others, leaving ego aside and declining to seek credit or assign blame, and building trusting and respectful relationships before the crisis hits. Unstoppable teams harness the power of shared consciousness with the right circumstances and leadership.


Culture is where you have the greatest level of impact. A high-performance culture is dependent on senior leadership and human resources being educated and empowered to become cultural custodians of their organization. In many organizations, a gap exists between the present culture and the culture needed to drive engagement, competitive advantage, and outsized growth. Create an Unstoppable Culture by embedding the three Ps—Promise, People, and Process—a practical three-part framework to close the gap between an organization’s existing culture and activating what I call the 10x Advantage to create an Unstoppable Culture. How do you build an internal structure with dynamic practices and congruent values that create a vibrant, innovative, and sustainable Unstoppable Culture?—Learn more here.

To empower people is to give them responsibility and authority. Giving people the authority to make decisions without being forced to check in with the boss for approval opens the way for them to start thinking of themselves as owners, not employees. The CARE framework helps keep your current team aligned, inspired, and empowered; but ideally, it becomes a tool that all members use to empower themselves and take on bigger leadership roles. Creating a culture of empowerment can be challenging, because it requires the leader to let go, to relinquish control so that others can step up, make decisions, and take control as well. For those who are insecure, proud, egotistical, or selfish, sharing one’s power is a foreign and terrifying concept. As a leader, one’s role is to grow one’s people to achieve their highest potential.

Motivational Speakers Deliver Leadership Keynotes to Inspire, Equip, and Transform Your Mindset, Teams, Culture

Now, more than ever, we need strong leaders, teams, and organizations pulling together to solve some of our greatest challenges—in business and in life. There is no greater pleasure that I get than from helping others, their teams, and organizations go beyond what they originally thought was possible. It starts with how you lead yourself and ends with how you serve others.

About Alden Mills: As the Entrepreneur Magazine #1 top virtual keynote speaker, who has beaten the odds to accomplish extraordinary things, Alden’s words of wisdom can help you transform crisis into opportunity and move forward to make positive changes and thrive in these challenging times. Whether you’re looking to create-a-change in yourself or your team, Alden is one of the most sought after motivational speakers who goes beyond motivation to transformation via captivating and interactive experience to help you Be Unstoppable and create Unstoppable Teams. With over 40 years of success in different environments—sports, military, business, nonprofits, and community action groups—he know the rules for success are universal. Alden offers business leadership keynote speaker engagements in-person and via virtual conferences and interactive webinars when your organization is dispersed geographically or working remotely. He has delivered hundreds of virtual keynotes to audiences of leaders seeking fresh focus and proven frameworks to help people achieve exceptional outcomes.

Looking for more help to become the kind of leader you want to be? In addition to Be Unstoppable and Unstoppable Teams, Be Unstoppable Products and Be Unstoppable Courses can help you on your path to success. It is Alden’s mission to help you acquire not just the tools you need to survive uncertain times and adversity, but also to develop the mindset and actions required to thrive and accomplish more than you originally thought possible. Get in touch!